I would like to share with you my surgical experience using the da Vinci robotic and how pleased, impressed and grateful I was over the whole process!

For about 7 months I had been experiencing heavy menstrual bleeding and discomfort, it was debilitating and prolonged.  After several rounds of testing and it was determined that the best solution for me was to undergo a Hysterectomy.  Dr. Reimntz who has been my trusted doctor for 13 years suggested the da Vinci robotic approach.   At first it was intimidating knowing that a machine would be operating on me. It was overwhelming and a little nerve-wracking.  Perhaps is I was a bit old school, but l know it was my responsibility to research the process so that my husband and I could make an informed decision.  I read the information provided by Dr. Reimnitz and then read about peoples personal accounts.   I read reviews and  watched the procedure on U Tube which made it less intimidating for me.   To make light of this it reminded me of something out of theTransformers Movie; my son and I made a named it  “Hysterectomaximus”.

After my research, I felt comfortable going ahead with our decision.  Knowing that it was the least invasive way to have a hysterectomy and the recovery was quick made the decision easier.  Having my trusted relationship with Dr, Reimnitz, we scheduled my operation.  

I had the surgery on March 3rd 2011 and everything went well.  I was in the hospital for one day with some discomfort the first day out of surgery. The next day I went home.  I began to recover quickly. It was GREAT.  By the third day I was able to go on a short trip to the grocery store. By the sixth day I drove by myself to the mall for a short outing with a friend.  By the end of week one,  I was at my son's baseball game and by week two I felt about 95% back to normal. Mind you, I rested and made sure not to overdo it.  While I was at home, I never took any of the prescribed medication and took only Aleve during the whole time!  Week 3, I was ready to go back to the office at 100%.  

Dr. Reimnitz was awesome and reassured me that all will be well.  The outcome was the best decision made for my health and the recovery was quick. As a busy working mom in a High Tech industry, this was the solution for me. Dr. Reimntz will took great care of me!  Don’t let the da Vinci robot intimidate you. Know that a full surgical staff is there with you.  Dr. Reimnitz and her staff made sure all went well and it did.  This is my one year anniversary of the procedure and life is good!




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