After suffering heavy menstrual bleeding for two years. I started a period that would not stop. After 2 weeks I went to my OB and she said it was probably time for an ablation. I had had an examination that indicated my uterus was thicker than normal and tests came back fine. An Ablation and D&C was scheduled two weeks out. After another week of bleeding I called my healthcare nurse line. They told me to get a second opinion. That is when I contacted Dr. Reimnitz. After a thorough examination, she determined a hysterectomy was the best solution for me. Dr. Reimntz suggested the da Vinci robotic approach. The plan was to leave the ovaries to allow me to go into menopause naturally. I had fibroids on the outside of my uterus. A D&C would not have helped with my problems.

I had the surgery on September 4th 2012, and I did stay in the hospital for one night. I was not in a lot of pain but had nausea and wanted to stay where they could prevent me from actually getting sick. The next day I went home. I took my pain medication that day only and the next day I switched to Advil. Thursday I felt good. I had a low grade fever and that was it. Saturday I went to a 50th birthday party.  At my one week visit I was told I could resume my normal activities but to listen to my body and don’t overdo. Day 11 I left for Florida to visit my daughter for her birthday. I was back to walking 4 miles at the end of week two! I was more tired than usual but that is all!

It is week four and only one incision is still visible. I would highly recommend this to anyone in place of having a regular hysterectomy.

I had total faith in Dr. Reimnitz and the Da Vinci procedure. I had read the brochure and watched the procedure online.

Cheryl G.


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