My recent hysterectomy surgery was my sixth stomach surgery. Having some experience with surgeries I must say the da Vinci method was phenomenal for recovery. 

In the hospital I shared a room with a women that had the same medical issue, a large tumor inside the uterus. Unfortunately for her she had the “open” approach and was having a difficult time. She had to spend two extra days in the hospital and was very uncomfortable, needing a lot of pain medication, leading to other complications.  She was very sad that I just got rolled in and was going home the very next morning as she was having such a tough time. 

My surgical experience using the da Vinci robotic has been very impressive and I don't know why anyone would not ask about this method and if feasible, insist on using this minimal invasive method.  I am so grateful for having such a wonderful surgeon that has the training and experience in performing this type of surgery making my experience so successful, by far the easiest recovery ever!!

I do need to warn prospective patients about doing to much too soon. Feeling pretty good you can easily over do and not give yourself enough time to recovery on the inside.

Thanks Doctor Reimnitz, you are awesome!!!


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