If you are reading this website it’s more than likely that you know all about the pain and inconvenience
of menstrual issues. I will spare you all the details of my monthly woes prior to making the decision to
have the da Vinci robotic hysterectomy surgery but suffice it to say my menstrual symptoms were
becoming increasingly debilitating.

I was referred to Dr. Charlene Reimnitz in September of last year. As soon as I met her I felt comforted
by her empathetic approach to my situation and felt confident I was in good hands. She advised me and
gave me literature on various different procedures and also gave me a CD about the da Vinci robotic
method of doing a hysterectomy. I was terrified at the thought of surgery but after much thought and
research I realized that this was the best option for me. I scheduled the surgery for January 2012 and
was extremely satisfied with my experience from start to finish.

Dr. Reimnitz and her staff explained every step of the procedure to me in detail. They made me feel like
I was a top priority for them. The day of surgery I was very nervous but once I was admitted to the
hospital I was given a sedative that totally relaxed me. I remember seeing Dr. Reimnitz in the operating
theater and her welcoming smile and confident demeanor reassured me and again underlined my belief
that I was in very good hands. Surgery commenced at about 9:00 am and the next thing I was aware of
was waking up at about 2:00 pm in my room and feeling no pain. The hospital staff was wonderful.
Later in the evening I felt some pain in my abdominal area but it felt like I had just completed a tough
Pilates class. The nurses medicated me well and I awoke the next morning feeling pretty good. I walked
around the corridor at 6:00 am and passed all the requirements to be released. I was home on my sofa
by 10:00 am. For a few days after surgery I felt some cramping but managed it with OTC pain
medication. I was able to do some neighborhood walks, and generally took care of myself. Two weeks
after the surgery I felt really good but unfortunately I got the flu. The truth is, the flu took more out of
me than the surgery. I would highly recommend this procedure to anyone who needs it. There is no
need to suffer any longer than you have to because of fibroids. Life is too short. My health and the
quality of my life has greatly improved since my surgery and I can’t believe how liberated I feel being
free from monthly painful periods.

In addition, I want to mention the staff the Los Olivos. They are marvelous. Denny handled all the
insurance paperwork from my preapproval to my final payments and my billing was accurate and
correct. I know many people spend a lot of time doing battle with insurance companies but I am happy
to say, I wasn’t one of them.

Many, many thanks to you all,
Joan McG.



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